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Fully qualified Integrative Counsellor with extensive Trauma training and experience and work in the Dorset and South Somerset areas.


Hello, I wanted to introduce my journey.  I studied and attained a BSc. Hons. Psych and was particularly interested in working more closely within the Penal System and with clients that have experienced and are still experiencing PTSD and the effects of Trauma.  I am working in Dorset for a Charity that supports people that have challenging life experiences.  I work in and around Somerset and N. Dorset providing face to face and online support and even Walk and Talk support which a lot of people found very helpful, especially over these last two years.  I walk alongside my clients to try to help them find their own direction in their lives and support them in any decision they may make about their future.

My qualifications and experience

A little bit about me – I am a fully qualified Counsellor with extensive Trauma experience and I also support clients generally through challenging times such as bereavement. I work from a lovely therapy room in Milborne Port, Somerset in the Dorset and South Somerset areas.  I also work for a trauma-based charity in Dorchester with clients that have experienced or are experiencing trauma.  I have a degree in psychology and as mentioned qualified with the BACP in Humanistic Counselling.  I am also an Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society. I work in an integrative way to enable clients to find their own path through their concerns with my support. Experienced in using Flash technique (Blink) in allowing the client to have more control over the effects of distressing memories – this is based on the same model as EMDR.

My Work

I provide face to face support, online therapy and even walk and talk, whichever the client feels most comfortable with.

I work integratively as every client that comes to see me has their own issues and concerns and I work closely with them to help them identify their own way forward in life.  I help them use different tools to help them negotiate their way not only through their issues but through life in the future. 

Everyday Issues & concerns

Whilst I work with clients that have experienced trauma, I know that everyday life can be a struggle with ongoing effects of social media, news and just everyday experiences.  I also give support with general issues such as anxiety, depression and just that feeling of sadness that overcomes us all at some time or another.  I can help them to get to the root of these emotions and feelings and support them in their journey to a more positive outcome


When someone passes away it is an indescribably sad time for everyone around that person, our lives are changed in so many ways and it is understandably hard to grasp what has happened and the hole that is left.  With an empathic understanding and support, I can support you in this time by allowing you to cherish the memory of the loved one and hopefully in your own time move on in your life whilst still holding these cherished memories inside.  People deal with loss in lots of different ways and I can support you in whichever way suits you.

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